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Nick and Judy
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Default [Admin] I think it's time to end this group

I was just going to reply to the guy that was asking about adult only AI's
in the Cancun area. Secrets Capri just got a rave review from my BIL and his
wife. But you are right. No one post here anymore.

"Rita Daggett" wrote in message
I'm afraid I have to agree with you, although I will mourn its demise.
Where is everyone going now to find out about all-inclusive holidays?

Rita Daggett
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"David E. Bath" wrote in message
Traffic is next to nothing nowadays and so even when someone does post
something they get few to no answers. Without useful replies, there is
no reason for this group to continue.

Unless some number of folks object, I'd like to have this group
removed, meaning it will no longer exist.

David Bath - Moderator for