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Default Booking cruises on new ships

On Oct 21, 3:17?pm, Charles wrote:
In article , Tom K

For a few years, the Disney ships seemed to have messed up the timing of a
lot of ships. But lately that doesn't seem to be the case.

Princess was the other line that messed up the timing. There were also
a lot of new technologies then. I think the last one they had delayed
was because the ship caught fire in the shipyard. The new Celebrity
ships that the other person asked about are being built at Meyer-Werft,
the German shipyard. I doubt there will be any delay.


As a matter of fact they just started the next one in the Solstice
CLass the Equinox.
SO yes they are not off much anymore, they schedule them further out
and alot time for Previews for agents and press etc.