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Keith Willshaw
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Default UK - US flight and US internal flights

"BAH" wrote in message
As an internet-travel-booking-novice I would appreciate some suggestions

how to go about booking both UK - US return flight and internal US


Early December, four of us need to travel to New York, on to Tampa, then
North Carolina and maybe Buffalo before returning via New York after 10 -


Is it best doing it all with the same airline? Any carrier recommended?

should I let some agent (eg: Airline Network?) take the strain and do it
for me?

Similarly, any tips on booking (3*?) hotels at these places please?

I guess this all sounds elementary to seasoned keyboard travellers, but we
all have to start somewhere........!

At the very least get some prices from a reputable travel agent
as a sanity check. Personally I usually book my flights to the US
and my internal flights with trailfinders