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Default UK - US flight and US internal flights

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On Wed, 01 Oct 2003 23:02:21 GMT, "BAH"

As an internet-travel-booking-novice I would appreciate some suggestions

how to go about booking both UK - US return flight and internal US


Early December, four of us need to travel to New York, on to Tampa, then
North Carolina and maybe Buffalo before returning via New York after 10 -


Is it best doing it all with the same airline? Any carrier recommended?

should I let some agent (eg: Airline Network?) take the strain and do it
for me?


Personally, I would recommend Trailfinders - I have no connection
whatever with them other than as a customer.

I'd second that and add another reason

In June I made a trip to the US which involved a number of
internal flights, there was a aproblem with the E-ticket on
one of them and Trailfinders sorted it out over the phone
with the gate agent by re-issuing the ticket there and then.