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Default DAL to become World's largest TransAtlantic carrier

"TOliver" wrote in message

"john" wrote.....

After Tyketto had laid upon us another inflated lump of pustulent
pestilence, to wit:

The wisdom of the ages prompts me upon encountering one of Tyketto's
self-inflated headers to simply click to the next message in the queue.
Odds are high that the pompous and pretentious twit, a gormless ****** of
Gargantuan self-import, but certifiable in most climes as voraciously and
veraciouly intellectless, will have as usual written little of import,
and in the Bard's description, signifying nothing.


The posted article was interesting - which is more than I can say for the
irrelevant replies - do you people really think the entire world in
interested in you whining about someone's signature?