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Default Avoid Delta and Atlanta

In the particular case of airline and and airport, Delta is no worse
than any other major US airline; bankrupcy or no bankrupcy. I was
recently on an Air France flight where...

= I agree. Extrapolating one bad experience, like one marriage, to
an entire fleet (or gender) don't make a whole lot of sense, without
a valid statistical sample.

As for checking in luggage, yes, you have to get it weighted and then
you have to carry it yourself for TSA inspection. But this has nothing
to do with Delta -- it's a federal requirement. All other airlines in
US are currently obliged to do the same.

= At Virgin Atlantic in Orlando, I had to hand carry my luggage out the
door we just came in to hand it off to a screener. With Virgin, like
airlines, allowing online check-in, at least we didn't have to wait in
1.5-hour line. It was well worth the inconveniece of finding an
service at my destination for our return flight. Besides, that way, I
lord it over the fools in the long-line and feel superior to them, even
I was in the same sardine-class cabin.