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How B
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Chrissy Cruiser wrote:
On Mon, 18 Jul 2005 19:32:12 -0400, E.k.R. wrote:
You may now cancel a Cunard booking outside 120 days and receive a full
refund of monies paid. This is in check with just about every other cruise
line doing business in N. America.

Down, down, down come the pretentious walls of Cunard.

It's called hubris... or chutzpah... or just plain ********.

I had mentioned in an earlier thread that features like guest lecturers
and the planetarium could entice me into paying a premium price, but I
guess I lied. I just looked into a 3-night cruise out of L.A. next
February--a day in Ensenada and a day at sea.

Convenient, since I live within an hour of the port. Desirable, because
guest lecturer/ship expert Bill Miller will be on board. No way,
because fares (pppn) are still hovering around $200 inside, $300
outside, $400 balcony. And, even a cruise to nowhere would be better
than to Ensenada.

I'm sure that one of our TA's will chime in right now to say it's
filling up fast at those prices. After the novelty wears off, then what?

How B