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Default November weather ...

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Hello again,

Am Donnerstag, 21. September 2017 14:25:16 UTC+2 schrieb -hh:

Short list examples under contemplation: London, Berlin,
Amsterdam, Prague; maybe Athens, Barcelona, Basil..

You might want to consider Andalucia, see Costa del Sol:

He said he wanted cities, which ruled out my first thought, which was
Tenerife, but there are some cities worth visiting in Andaluc√*a, though
not on the coast: Granada, Córdoba, Seville. Many years ago (about
1965) I stayed in Almer√*a, which is both a city and on the coast. We
chose primarily because it was easy to reach from Madrid by train. My
recollection is that it was less interesting than Granada, Córdoba or
Seville. When we were in Granada about ten years ago we visited the
Alhambra -- as one does -- and went on a tour that started at 11 PM.
Even at that hour it was incredibly crowded. I asked if there was ever
a time when it wasn't crowded and was told that it was OK in December.


Well, Santa Cruz has a 230,000 population?