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Thomas Smith
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I was under the impression they were still in India. At any rate, the
Bahamian government should be the primary point of contact. As for the
British Commonwealth of Nations, it is a grouping of independent nations
that were former British colonies, which includes Australia, New Zealand,
Canada, the Bahamas, Pakistan, India, and South Africa to name a few. It is
much like the Organization of American States (the American continent and
the Caribbean), the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union
republics), and the European Union (western, and now some eastern European
nations). The official web site for the Bahamas is
That might be a good place to start.

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"MarkT" wrote in message
news:[email protected]
Tom, wrong on a couple of points. The parents appear to already be in the
US. No comment is made about them coming from India, just being Indian

Second, India is an independent country, not a part of the British
Commonwealth, which really doesn't exist any longer. The Bahamas have a

closer tie, but are independent as well.

Mark T.

"Thomas Smith" -NO-SPAM wrote in message
It would be more appropriate to ask the Bahamian embassy in India, since
that is where the traveler is coming from, and if a visa is required,

would be where the traveler would apply from. That said, as I

it, both India and the Bahamas are parts of the British Commonwealth of
Nations, and visas may not be required for citizens of member nations to
travel between them. Again, check with the Bahamian embassy in India.

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"Rosalie B." wrote in message
"MarkT" wrote:

Who would you rather believe...a travel agent not in the visa

the official government office of the country you are traveling to?

said? Get the visa.

Except that the government people don't ALWAYS know what they are
talking about. Having been one, I know.

I would talk to the Bahamian office in Nassau directly. I think they
will know better about tourists coming to the Bahamas than the office
in Miami will - the Miami office mostly concerned with Bahamian
citizens coming to the US.

And check the long distance charges on your phone first and get some
kind of service that doesn't charge a couple of dollars per minute to
call the Bahamas.

Mark T.
"Vik Mehta" wrote in message
. com...
My parents, who are Indian citizens, are scheduled to go for a
Carnival cruise to the Bahamas from Miami. They've been getting
conflicting information regarding their visa requirements.

leaves the visa formalities to the passengers and does not offer

information, however Royal Caribbean explicity says that Indian
citizens do not require a Bahamian visa as long as they have a

visa to get back to the US.

My parents' travel agent insists that they don't require a visa,
however the Bahamas Consulate General office in Miami says they do!

Anyone who knows more about this - please write.

Thanks in advance.

grandma Rosalie