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Vik Mehta
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Thanks to all for your suggestions.

My parents, based on feedback from other veteran cruisers from India,
decided to not get the Bahamian visa. They faced no problems. The
folks checking their passports at embarkation time were concerned only
with their US visa. They wanted to make sure that my parents could get
back to the States.

So, either the Bahamian consulate at Miami is wrong when they say a
visa is required for Indian citizens or the folks who check the
passports at embarkation don't know any better.

In any case the cruise was great fun. Was my first time and definitely
recommend it. We went on a three day cruise with Carnival on


Dillon Pyron wrote in message . ..
Thus spake Chrissy Cruiser :

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 17:26:42 GMT, MarkT wrote:

Who would you rather believe...a travel agent not in the visa business, or
the official government office of the country you are traveling to?

As if gov't agents always have a clue.

True. But this also applies dockside. I would plan for the worst
case and get one.

Best bet, call two or three consular offices and see what answer you
get (of course, it depends on how many offices the country in question

Bahamian embassy, Washington DC 202-319-2660
fax 202-319-2668

Bahamas Tourist Office, Miami 212-758-2777

other offices in Aventura, FL, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles