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Default What is Ahipara?

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013 11:34:34 AM UTC-5, Mira Ahipara wrote:
Ahipara is a New Zealand luxury tourism company which prides itself on putting together the most varied and exciting itineraries and experiences. We have satisfied grandparents, parents, young couples, teenagers, children, VIPs and corporates. We have put together New Zealand vacation packages focused on sightseeing, on adrenaline, on discovery, on sport, on food and wine, on hunting and fishing, on helicopter touring, and so on.

All of our New Zealand luxury vacations have several things in common:

- they are unique. Never have we repeated one;

- they are designed for you. No one else. Someone once asked us not to reinvent the wheel. We told them it was our corporate philosophy to re-examine and if necessary reinvent the wheel in the light of each client's requirements;

- in luxury terms, they are affordable. You tell us the budget, we meet it. Or we tell you if we think your ambitions are unrealistic - trips in the past have ranged from a very affordable NZ$5,000 to a rather extravagant NZ$950,000;

- they are competitive. In certain cases we are cheaper than package holiday solutions as we make a very ethical margin. In other cases we are slightly more expensive as the quality of the people and places we put together is generally higher than what is ordinarily out there;

- they are human. You deal with human beings who find human solutions for you. No bureaucracy, no rigid procedures and an attitude which strives to be able to say "yes" to whatever you wish;

- they are comprehensive - we are interested in what interests you and develop high-quality options during the day which focus on those interests. Whereas most itineraries only include accommodation and transfers, ours also include high quality activities.

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