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Mark Katzenberger
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....and unfortunately - if the group owner wants to retire, there is no way
to pass ownership to someone else.


"Lloyd Parsons" wrote in message
In article , CupCaked

Queen of Cruising wrote:

On Sun, 16 Nov 2003 21:01:13 GMT,
(CupCaked) wrote:

Dear Yahoogroups subscriber:

Recently, I have become very disillusioned with a small group of
supposed ship fanatics who I hitherto respected. Because of their
continued censoring, harassing and immature actions towards other
posters they disagree with, I have decided to disband and delete (with
the exception of the SS NORWAY group) the Yahoogroups I originally
established. It is no longer a pleasure for me, especially when I
must "babysit" these few folks . . . former friends . . . who have
been the troublemakers.

Name names. Any RTCers?

God, I hope so.

Curiously enough, no. I don't believe any of the three troublemakers
read or post here.

The good part of the Yahoo groups is that the administrator can oust
those who are troublemakers (and anyone else for that matter).

The downside is that the Yahoo groups don't always work as well as we
would like them to.