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Default November weather ...

Am Sonntag, 24. September 2017 22:36:38 UTC+2 schrieb -hh:

How did you like it, and where did you go at the end?

Regards, ULF

A complete chenage in plan. Stumbled onto a really good
airfare special to a place we like to go in the Caribbean, but then
couldn't find a hotel room on the out-island we wanted to stay at,
losing time to get back to finding something in EU.

So we ended up not going on a trip at all, but stayed at home and
renovated the TV room. Some advice on wallpapering: hire a Pro.
They'll get it done 5x faster.

In any event, our schedule for 2018 is probably going to involve
another lousy work schedule for the first half of the year, which
will push us into another fall break to plan something for. Thinking
maybe the Adriatic in September, and/or Greece in October; depends
also on a new medical condition which has cropped up which limits
walking, which puts a crimp on a lot of our style for city touring.
Perhaps Scandinavian northern lights?