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Default Accomodation in Croatia

"Surreyman" wrote in message
On Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 2:19:55 PM UTC, David Foster wrote:
I booked my accommodation here
Going there this summer!

Started going to Croatia/Bosnia/Montenegro (and repeatedly returned!) in
around early 2000s. Simply went to Dubrovnik, and via an agency away from
the centre obtained direct viewings of great rentals at half the prices
online. My info would now be out of date (haven't now been for about 4
years) but the principle probably remains.

I dunno

in the early part of the century Croatian tourism was very much down, still
suffering from the after effects of the war

I think you'll find it is now booming again and going there with no
accommodation booked (especially if looking for a "villa" for a week) could
be very risky