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East Africa
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How much would a safari to Masai Mara cost on a per person basis? We
are a couple planning to visit East Africa for 1 week in November.

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Five days is too short for a Samburu - Masai Mara combination, unless
you are flying. If not, you would only have one full day in Samburu, one
half day in Nakuru and one full day in Masai Mara. The rest of the time
would be spent on the road. I would suggest Nakuru and Masai Mara,
rather than Amboseli or Samburu and Masai Mara. More diversity, less


yes, I agree. Actually the thought went through my mind also.

I didn't actually want to propose Samburu + Lake Nakuru + Maasai
Mara. I should have made that more clear.

I agree that Lake Nakuru, then Maasai Mara is probably one of
the best combinations for a 5 day safari.


Just one month ago we spent 8 days on safari to Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru
and Amboseli. Drivers can go off road only in Massai Mara so getting
close to distant animals is vastly more fun here. Amboseli is sparsely
populated by comparison, both vegetation and animals. Be sure to be
at Lake Nakuru when countless birds fill the sky in formation; we saw
this late in the afternoon. To save money we chose a safari with tent
camping just outside Maasai Mara gate; loved it. Had hot showers when
"good" hotels elsewhere in Kenya did not. ---Ken Mantei
(We used Matembo Tours in Nairobi; ask for Maimuna to arrange it and
driver-guide Steve Odour.)