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Hans-Georg Michna wrote:

On Sun, 3 Oct 2004 13:12:00 +0200, lid (Johan
W. Elzenga) wrote:

jamboafrica wrote:

You know my friend that time of a season in Masai Mara there will no
migration all animals will be in Serengeti on Tanzanian side.

Nonsense. There will be no migration, but there are still plenty of
animals in Masai Mara all year round. Most animals are residential, not


I also think it is time we leaned a little against the current
overvaluation of the migration. Some tourists are now made to
believe that a visit to east Africa is worthless if they don't
see The Migration.

I had already written something to that extent a little while

I agree that a river crossing is something worth seeing, but on
the other hand the vast majority of tourists who actually visit
at the time of the migration won't see that anyway. It often
requires far more patience than the normal tourist bus has.

Absolutely true. And also, the more minibuses on the bank of the river,
the less likely that the crossing takes place at all. So the more people
concentrate on seeing a crossing, the less likely they will actually see
it. People should concentrate less on the 'obvious' things like big cats
and migration, and start realising that there is so much more to see. I
rather look at a group of zebras on my own, than one cheetah surrounded
by 30 cars.

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