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Default NZ weather in November--what to pack?


Thanks to the people on this group, I have my final itinerary for New
Zealand. I'll be there the third week of November.

So my question is--what type of clothing should I pack?

I'm going to be on the South Island the whole time, doing a circle from
Christchurch, to Te Anau/Milford Sound, then up the west coast (to the
glaciers), through Arthur's Pass to return to Christchurch.

All the books I have say that November is summer, but I realize that some of
these areas are quite mountainous. And the fact that the glaciers are there
year-round tells me that it shouldn't be too hot.

I'm trying to pack light, but I don't want to do laundry. What sorts of
clothes should I pack? If I wear a sweatshirt and have a fleece, should
that be enough? What about at night?

Thanks so much! I am getting excited....