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Default NZ weather in November--what to pack?

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003 22:00:13 -0400, "Sarah"


Thanks to the people on this group, I have my final itinerary for New
Zealand. I'll be there the third week of November.

So my question is--what type of clothing should I pack?

I'm going to be on the South Island the whole time, doing a circle from
Christchurch, to Te Anau/Milford Sound, then up the west coast (to the
glaciers), through Arthur's Pass to return to Christchurch.

All the books I have say that November is summer, but I realize that some of
these areas are quite mountainous. And the fact that the glaciers are there
year-round tells me that it shouldn't be too hot.

I'm trying to pack light, but I don't want to do laundry. What sorts of
clothes should I pack? If I wear a sweatshirt and have a fleece, should
that be enough? What about at night?

Thanks so much! I am getting excited....


Watch out when your in Canterbury/Christchurch for the nor-westers!
These are very hot dry winds!

Consider items that you can layer.
If you don't want to take a raincoat, it may be handy to take some
disposable raincoats or ponchos and perhaps a foldup umbrella 'just in
case'. I've always managed to get two or three wears out of a
disposable raincoat but remember, take a ziplock back with you to pop
it into [wet] if you want to save it for 'another rainy day'.

"Recommended Clothing

Dress is informal and relaxed on most occasions. Smart casual clothes
are acceptable at most restaurants and night-spots. Men are generally
not expected to wear suits and ties, except in a few of the top formal
bars and restaurants in major cities.

In summer a light jacket or sweater should be included in your luggage
should the weather turn cooler or you visit higher altitudes. You can
expect some rain, so include a light rainproof jacket or coat. If
visiting between May and September, pack warm winter garments and
layer your clothing."

Have a great trip!
Post an update upon your return!