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Default Dec 2012 Allure of the Seas Eastern Caribbean Review

On 12/28/2012 7:31 AM, wrote:
Allure of the Seas
9 December 2012
Ft. Lauderdale Nassau -- St. Thomas -- St. Marten -- Ft. Lauderdale

Overall: We have cruised on many ships and many cruise lines. We know that not everything works 100 percent all the time and we understand that. However, we got the distinct feeling the ship was terribly overcrowded and RCCL was cutting back, streamlining, and downsizing. Every new gimmick forced us to do something extra to get the things which happened automatically in the past. We realize now why RCCL may be fostering automatic tipping. There is very little personal interaction with crew and along with that comes less tips. Interaction with the dining and stateroom staff has always been a fun part of cruising and a lost art on the Allure of the Seas. All this being said we still somewhat loyal to the RCCL brand and think the mega ships have much to offer. If RCCL would change from 2 star fast food to 4 star fine dining, the cruise experience would again be worthy of wearing a tuxedo on formal nights as we always do. We are starting to question that practice since we a

re in and out of the dining room in 40 minutes. We are also starting to look again to Princess and other cruise lines, though we have not booked them as of yet.

Recommendations: We recommend to RCCL the following:
1. Reinstate automatic tipping vouchers and envelopes delivered to the stateroom.
2. Return to the fine dining of many courses and quality of food of days past.
3. Reduce the time between when food is prepared and finally served in the Windjammer to avoid over cooked, cold, hard, and tasteless selections.
4. Remove prices for alternative food selections on the main dining room menu.
5. Resolve the issue of overcrowding of the Windjammer buffet grill.
6. Give value for the money spent on shore excursions.

I hope you directed your recommendations to your travel agent and RCCL.