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Default Dec 2012 Allure of the Seas Eastern Caribbean Review

I don't like the practice of charging extra for certain things in the
MDR but I don't see how this is any different than people who may go to
a specialty restaurant several nights. Do you feel embarrassed when they
show up the following night and tell you about their $40 meal while you
ate the normal MDR food? That was the OP's main complaint, it seemed.

Intrinsically I see that argument and understand it from RCCL's perspective.
I think the "embarrassment" is his/her way of characterizing their reaction
to RCCL being what it is and them being on it. I personally find that a
little strange since I don't see that particular change as being something
that should have noticeably upset them. They write in the TR that they took
the Oasis already, after all, and that was rolled out after RCCL had already
made the call to start charging in the MDR for a superior cut.