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Thanx alot!!!

I read everything. except Peter's report, I will enjoy reading it this


"Pia" wrote in message
I wasn't able to see your itinerary. We went to Kenya/Tanzania about 4
years ago and had an amazing time. We went to the Serengetti, Ngororo
Crater and Lake Manyara. We stayed in the lodges there. The best one
was the Manyara lodge--simply incredible. The all had pools and good
food and wonderful beds. We saw all the big game and generally were
very content. We booked our travel in Nairobi itself, because the
people we booked with online before arrival changed their price we got
to Nairobi. So we went with Let's Go (I don't think they were the same
company as the Let's Go book). Make sure you get a driver who speaks
English and is clean. Ours wore the same clothes 2 days in a row and
smelled pretty bad. We paid about USD$1100/person for 5 days, I think
it was.

If you have time, I would highly, highly recommend going to see the
chimps in Jane Goodall's Gombe Stream National Park. That was the
highlight of our trip.