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Default Bangkok-Manila with Air Asia?

On Mon, 01 Dec 2014 15:32:16 +0100, wrote:

Hi, I'd like to buy a round trip ticket from Manila-Bangkok-Manila but
on Air Asia web site I get the price for Manila-Bangkok only and not
for Bangkok-Manila. Do you know why? How much will cost the round
trip ticket?

Are you sure you're entering the trip- details correctly?

Put "Manila" in the "Origin" box and "Bangkok" in the "Destination"
box, then enter your departure and return dates in the calendar.

The top part of the next screen will show your outbound flight
choices. You have to scroll down to see the return flights.

Not many airlines work with fixed published fares these days. It's
impossible to say what the fare will be because it can vary a lot
between different days, and even different flights on the same day. It
depends on how much demand there has been for your chosen flights.