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Default First cruise - CARIBBEAN - questions

Hi Eve, I would suggest Royal C. over Celebrity. Many reasons but
mostly being your first cruise Voyager and Radiance class ships are very
very smooth. You will hardly ever feel the ship move. The Zenith is a
very old ship. Nothing wrong with older ships its just you will enjoy
Voyager or Radiance more. If you can swing it get a balcony cabin. Be
warned: YOU WILL BE SPOILED AFTER THIS. You will want nothing else in
the future. But it is your Honeymoon. Any other cabin you get will be
fine. You have nothing else to compare it to so you'll be happy.

I've taken 20 cruises and 10 nights is just about the perfect length for
a cruise. 1 week flys by and 8 days is nice but 10 is best. I would
suggest if you take the 7 or 8 day cruise and you have the time take a
few extra days on your return to spend in florida. You will be so happy
you did. While your going to enjoy your cruise you will be exhausted
when you get off the ship. Being this is your first cruise you will try
to do everything thats offered. You will be up early in the morning for
your arrival into each port and you will be up late at night (casino,
disco, hanging with new friends). The day you get off the ship is also
a very early morning so no sleeping in. Trust me....take the extra time
to just sleep and relax after your cruise.

As far as ships tours I never take them. I always do my own thing. But
my comfort level is high because I've been to all the ports many times.
The average snorkelling price on a ships tour is between $25-$35 (and
up) per person. So you and your new husband will pay between $50-$75
(and up) just for a 3 hour snorkel tour. Where you can do snorkelling
yourself for $0 to $10 (taxi) for both of you for example. The ships
tours are very expensive but they lead you by the hand. So its really
all about your comfort level and expendable money.

Extra $$ costs: Tipping, Mixed Drinks (wine & beer packages), Casino,
Spa, Bingo, Photos, Ships Stores (Duty Free Shopping), Ships Tours,
Extra Charge Dining, Laundry, Room Service Tippin Dollars, Art Auction.
It can get pretty expensive if you want to do it all. Have I forgotten

Anymore questions just ask.