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Default First cruise - CARIBBEAN - questions

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Tom K wrote:
If you look at Celebrity, the advantages it has over Royal Caribbean are
better food and more relaxing type experience. More elegant. More chic.
More pampering.


This past year I've done a crossing on Royal Caribbean's Legend of the
Seas and Alaska on Celebrity's Mercury. This was my re-introduction to
both lines after 10 and 7 years respectively. The two products - at
least on these two similarly sized and vintaged ships - are, IMHO,
completely indistinguishable down to the china and flatware used in the
dining room.


Having done Navigator, Jewel and Mariner OTS the past 3 Decembers with the
Viking gang, I can honestly say that RCI food is pretty much below my
minimum level. Your Legend sailing may be an exception... but to me, RCI
food isn't close to Celebrity food, other than the night that Celebrity has
the stupid lamb shank. Over that same period that I've gone with the Viking
gang, I've done 3 Connie sailings, 4 Zenith sailings and 1 Century sailing.
So I think I have a decent point of comparison.

I've simply nibbled-without finishing too many RCI dinners over the past 3
years to consider the food up to Celebrity's standards. It gets to the
point where I don't even bother asking the waiter for something different...
And I won't even bother with RCI's fish of any kind. The hake and congrio
fish on Celebrity are excellent. Salmon is lousy (over cooked and bone dry)
on both. And the desserts on RCI are so bad. The only good dessert I've
had on RCI the past 3 years was the exceptional apple pie that they serve in
Johnny Rockets. Now I'm not saying all the Celebrity meals are top notch.
They're not. But I get a lot more good meals on Celebrity than on RCI.
Though it may help that I know what to pick on Celebrity based on

To me, Celebrity and RCI aren't even remotely close in terms of food.
Though maybe I'm just pickier than other. I know that a lot of the RCI
meals that I just picked at, others at the table devoured to the last drop.
They're sending back clean plates, and I'm sending back most of the meal.
So maybe I'm more fussy.