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Default Summer 2015: Teach in China, tour 3 cities, and earn $1,500 stipend!

Summer 2015

Teach in China, tour 3 cities, and earn $1,500 stipend!

Dates: 7/09/15 - 8/07/15
(Tentative: Dates subject to change)

For Immediate Release: Please Post

International Partnerships in Education (IPIE.US) is pleased to announce its 2015 Summer Teaching Program in China. The program offers educators, and student education majors, the opportunity to spend the summer in China enhancing the conversational English skills of Chinese elementary, middle, and high school students. This unique escorted experience, in collaboration with Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, consists of a 20-day teaching program in Guangzhou, China with private cultural tours of Guangzhou, Xi'an, and Beijing, China.

Participants will receive:

* Escorted program by IPIE.US in China
* Round-trip international air transportation USA - China (Los Angeles gateway)
* Air and tour transportation within China
* Lodging, 3-star hotel or better, in China (double occupancy)
* All meals (except on-your-own days)
* Cultural tour of Guangzhou, China (1-day)
* Cultural tour of Xi'an, China (2-days)
* Cultural tour of Beijing, China (3-days)
* Program orientation
* On-campus support
* English speaking tour guides
* Stipend of (US) $1,500 upon completion of teaching program

Participants will utilize their teaching expertise and experience to:

* Enhance the conversational English skills of Chinese students

Program Cost: (US) $2,100.00

(Delegate seats filled as qualified applications are received)

Additional information is available on the IPIE.US website at