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Default cruising with a friend

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On Thu, 23 Jul 2015 12:23:29 -0400, Kurt Ullman

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On 7/17/2015 1:09 PM,

I have a freind from canada that wants to fly here from canada and
take a cruise with me, she has a passport, would there be any problem
with her getting the country at the airport of coming back from the

Getting the country? Don't know what you mean by that. But if the
question is if your friend can come visit you first then get on the
ship, SURE! As long as she isn't on any no fly list and her passport is
up to date (won't expire for at least six months from travel dates)
there really shouldn't be a problem.

I meant getting back in the country when we got back to port

Assuming that "here" is the US and she not only lives in Canada but
carries a Canadian Passport, then she shouldn't have any problem.

correct and thank you

You do realize that they allow Canadian residents to sail from the US,
right? In fact, many of them drive down to sail out of NY/NJ. Why would
you think otherwise?