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Default Paris metro line 4 to line 12

On 2017-09-30 14:38:59 +0000, [email protected]@ said:

On Tue, 26 Sep 2017 09:58:54 +0200, in, Athel Cornish-Bowden
arranged some electrons, so they looked like this:

... On 2017-09-26 02:05:59 +0000, David Metzger said:
... Which is the shorter walk at Marcadet or Montparnasse?
... I've never been to Marcadet-Poissonières (as far as I remember) but my
... guess was that as it's a less important station than Montparnasse the
... distance would be less. However, on checking a bit I suspect that that
... is WRONG, because Marcadet-Poissonieres was created by joining two
... stations that were orginally separate with a long (70 metres) tunnel.
... I'd put my money on Montparnasse, though that won't be short either.
... However, someone who's actually made the transfers at both stations
... will know better.
... Whatever you do don't take seriously the "entrance" to Châtelet that
... you can find at the Mairie de Paris:

The metro there is called Hôtel de Ville and you can't walk underground
to Châtelet (or
anywhere else).

You certainly can. I've done it. I'm not talking about the Hôtel de
Ville metro station. I'm talking about the small entrance that says

you'll find yourself walking
... halfway across Paris underground to get to the actual station.

It sounds much better in French, but then, everything does.