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Default Paris metro line 4 to line 12

On 2017-10-06 06:31:27 +0000, Mark Brader said:

Athel Cornish-Bowden:
Whatever you do don't take seriously the "entrance" to Châtelet that
you can find at the Mairie de Paris...

I made it perfectly clear that I wasn't referring to the Metro
station called Hôtel de Ville, but to the small entrance that says
"Châtelet", and leads to an underground passage that provides a
long walk to Châtelet.

I don't imagine you're making it up, but would you mind specifying
the location more precisely than "at the Mairie de Paris"? Is this
inside the building, or is it on a street where we might find it
in Google Street View imagery?

I've looked for it myself, without success. It's rather an
inconspicuous entrance: just a flight of stairs with Metro Châtelet
over it. It's on a street. My recollection (from two years ago) is that
we were returning from the Seine past the Mairie intending to catch the
metro at the Hôtel de Ville station, when we suddenly saw this
inconspicuous entrance. "I hadn't realized we were so close to
Châtelet", I said, but it turned out that we weren't very close at all.

Probably we were walking along the Quai de l'Hôtel de Ville, in which
case it was at the corner with the Rue de Rivoli, but I can't see any
sign of it with Google Maps. If we'd been walking along the Place de
l'Hôtel de Ville we'd have arrived at the station Hôtel de Ville first.
Maybe it's like the entrance to Wonderland in Alice, that you don't see
it unless you're not looking for it.

I'm not too keen on Châtelet (you need to keep a close eye on your
possessions), but it has the advantage that you can get to most places
without changing.