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Default What do you think is better - New Zealand or Australia and why?

[Default] On Mon, 28 Mar 2011 12:09:25 +0800, "Gerrit"
offered the following words of wisdom:

"A Mate" wrote in message
. au...
No wonder usegroup is dead! So many gormless, empty individuals!

I wasn't going to waste my fingers writing on a thread started by as spammer
trying to get attention for his own website, but indeed this group has been
pretty dead for a while. However the flamers seem to have disappeared also
so maybe some real travel related questions and answers can start here
again. This appears to be happening with which I always
still check so maybe there is hope.

Gerrit - Oz

Same for me. That's why I reacted so strongly to the OP spammer.
Looking forward to more positive and informative input. Cheers