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What sort of price might I expect to pay for a cab from either

I think a cab is about $60-65 by the time you pay all the tolls and
tips. but with five people you'll need two cabs unless there are
mini-van cabs, since a car can only hold five people, including the
driver (alas, there are no Checker Marathon cabs left in NYC).

hmmm, that's not good.
Don't suppose your hotel had a shuttle?

Amazingly, I was able to convince everyone in my family to take only one
carry-on suitcase plus a day pack. This saved a lot of money, not only
in cabs, but on the plane too, because most of the U.S. airlines charge
for checked luggage now. I always plan on doing laundry on trips. Most
hotels have coin-op laundries, but I don't think in NYC many do.

Amazing indeed. Ain't gonna happen for me though.

This sounds great, but I'd need to get my wife used to a bike in time.

They may rent tandems. This is where we rented bikes:

They have a coupon for helmets at
Send the women to Macy's and Bloomingdales and you go on a bike ride.

Now that's a good idea.

thought it was expensive, but it was the least expensive rental place in
NYC. Since you drive on the wrong side of the road in the U.K., be careful.

No, *you* drive on the wrong side ;-)
I should be OK, I've driven a lot in the States and Europe.

Not when in NVC but after that even I don't mind one day at a mall.
USA malls are great for me, I have big feet and have difficulty
getting shoes to fit in the UK so tend to stock up in the States.

Yeah, actually the time I head to the outlet mall is for shoes because
the stores have a much better selection of large sizes. The Skechers
store was especially good, with a very large selection of large sizes
and wide widths.

I used to like Dexters and Bass outlets some years back, but Dexters
have long since disappeared. And although someone seems to have bought
their name, the quality isn't the same.

blackbat /\x/\