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David E. Bath
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Default [Admin] I think it's time to end this group

In article ,
Anonymouse writes:
probably a better solution would be to change it from moderated to

Turns out that is quite difficult to do, the powers that be won't
really discuss it because of the difficulty.

Also, this group would become just another travel spam haven like the
other groups.

one reason I'm sure there are so few posts/replies is that it can take
days from when a post is sent to when it appears... and replies can take
days too.

A lot of that is my fault as I am the only moderator and my current
job keeps me from moderating except in the evenings and weekends.

David E. Bath wrote:
Traffic is next to nothing nowadays and so even when someone does post
something they get few to no answers. Without useful replies, there is
no reason for this group to continue.

Unless some number of folks object, I'd like to have this group
removed, meaning it will no longer exist.

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