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Default USA December trip recommendations?

Peter Lawrence wrote:

On 8/12/13 3:10 AM, Terry Pinnell wrote:

... on previous trips. Those
included Boston, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree
National Park, LA, Las Vegas, Meteor Crater, Miami, New York, Niagara,
Palm Springs, Phoenix, San Francisco, Sedona, Sequoia National Park,
Yosemite, Zion - and I may have missed some.

Okay, you've been to above places on previous trips.

So on this trip you could do the following:

Fly N/S to SFO and drive down to the Monterey Peninsula and spend a couple
of days enjoying it. Then take Hwy 1 down to San Simeon and take a half day
tour of that famous mansion. Then take Hwy 1 south and then Hwy 46 east to
visit the wineries and vineyards around Paso Robles. Spend a night and a
day there and then head down Hwy 101 visiting Pismo Beach, Solvang, and
Santa Ynez. Depending on your specific itinerary, stay overnight in Santa
Ynez or continue on south on Hwy 101 to Santa Barbara and stay one (or two)
nights there.

Then continue south to Los Angeles. There's a lot to see and do in Los
Angeles, so visit places in Los Angeles that you did not get to see on your
previous visit. Then if you hadn't visited it before on an earlier trip,
spend a whole day in Disneyland. Then head off to San Diego.

- Peter

Thanks a bunch all for those helpful later suggestions, and my
apologies for slowness in acknowledging.

My plan still remains wide open, although the following start/end
elements are now firmly booked:

Thursday 12th December
Fly into LA.(Virgin return Heathrow/AX to make use of previous 2010
air miles.) Intend to book 2 nights in LA hotel, not yet decided on
which hotel. Whatever else it offers, I'll want room wifi, so
word-of-mouth recommendations welcomed please. See note below about
car rental.

I'd also appreciate recommendations for one full day in LA please. I
have previously visited LA but saw little except Santa Monica. Forty
years ago enjoyed Universal Studios and would probably do so again
unless better options emerge. (But note that it's a mere #20 on Trip
Advisor page at
Maybe a guided bus tour? No theme parks etc as I'll get more than my
share with grandsons when I get to San Diego.

And for the evening? (Concert, dinner, show?)

Saturday 14th December
Collect rental car from Avis at LAX. Ford Mustang. Didn't have a hard
top so booked convertible - without considering weather. I suspect
that Californian day time temperatures 14th - 21st Dec likely to
prompt a request for alternative vehicle. Any information appreciated.
Last trip in summer 2012, 'compact' booked wasn't available in San
Luis Obispo and got bumped up to Ford Mustang (hard top). Pleased me
greatly, if not my wife. On my own this time but still fancy a
performance car.

Preferences are for scenic driving, canyons, desert, atmospheric
towns, comfortable motels (with wifi). Haven't planned to book beyond
LA because of current uncertainty about itinerary. Which will depend
largely on prevailing weather forecasts on 14th Dec onwards. If
possible would love another look at Grand Canyon, despite two previous
visis (including return hike to Phantom Lodge on Colorado). Or
Canyonland, which I've never visited. Or...

Saturday 21st December
Return car to Avis at San Diego airport.

Then a week with my family before flying back to London 28th December.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK