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Farangs describe the Disaster to BBC

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Old December 31st, 2004, 04:13 AM
external usenet poster
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"Alan Street" wrote in message
| In article , Yamamoto
| wrote:
| ? | ?
| ? | ? | It is possible to walk onto these peaks (there is a path), so the
| ? people
| ? | ? | on Koh Phi Phi could have simply walked onto these places.
| ? | ?
| ? | ? Many of the tourist were older people who barely can walk a few
| ? | ? uphill.
| ? |
| ? |
| ? | I've been to Phi Phi a couple of times. At 41, I was one of the older
| ? | tourists.
| ?
| ? I was barely a month ago in koh Phi-Phi with my wife and my kid.
| ?
| ? If somebody would have shout: "Run for your live, a tsunami is on the
| ? You have less than 1 hour to get safe."
| ? I would pay my bill at the restaurant where we were having breakfast,
| ? started walking trough the small street filled with people with my kid
on my
| ? arm towards the mountains, I would'nt be here today.
| ?
| ?
| You stated that many of the tourists on Phi-Phi were older and couldn't
| have walked up the hills. Now you're saying that you wouldn't be here
| if you'd walked up those hills?
| Once again, with clarity.
| Alan

OK, trying to explain more in detail for you.

In the event that there would have been a warning, but NO real sign of a
Tsunami at that time (remember that the Tsunami hit Thailand 1 hour after
the triggering).

At that time, I would surely be having breakfast in a restaurant or hotel.

I would need to pay my bill at the restaurant, get important things at the
hotel, return to the restaurant to join my wife and my child, and start to
walk towards a hill with the baby on my arms trough a small road where 100's
of people are trying to do the same thing. And all that in less than 1 hour.
Only the very young and very fit would succeed.
Read the different posts about many people who died in Phuket on their way
to try to escape after the first waves hit Thailand.

Even if I would start to walk to the hill straight away with a child on my
arms trough a small road where 100's of people are trying to do the same
thing, I can guarantee you that I wouldn't had made it.

It's easy to say what had to be done to save life's AFTER the disaster.
If it was so easy, there wouldn't have been 120,000+ casualties.

When such things happens, there will always be some smart guys who will
start a discussion about how "many life's could have been saved IF there was
a warning system", "many life's could have he saved IF there was a real
evacuation plan", "many life's could have been saved IF

We use to say: "IF my auntie had balls, she would be my uncle".

But it is simply NOT so.

The REALITY is that there are more than 100,000 dead registered already and
the final death toll will be a lot higher. Talking about what could have
been done to save some of them doesn't bring anyone back to life and makes
no sense.

Talk about REAL FACTS and not SUPPOSED things.



Old December 31st, 2004, 06:22 AM
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"Daniel" wrote:
"Chabon" wrote in message
On Sun, 26 Dec 2004 21:42:54 +1100, "Viviane"

Dear chabon (I think Mr or Ms ****stain sounds a little disrespectful)

Nah you can call him Boris - since he borrowed my name...


Daniel, why do you keep saying 'plonk'? I killfiled him and no longer even
see his posts, except the parts quoted by others.

Nick. To find out more about helping with tsunami relief, go to the web
site of the Center for International Disaster Information
Thank a Veteran and Support Our Troops! You are not forgotten. Thanks.
Old December 31st, 2004, 05:34 PM
R Steenerson
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I would guess that a warning system could have helped getting some people
off the beaches onto higher ground but, there would probably have been just
as many skeptics out there not believing that anything serious would happen
or spend a lot of time trying to save their material goods. People have a
sort of knack for not accepting that a certain situation is dangerous.
For a warning system to work, the police would need to be involved,
shutting down roads, and lowlying areas. There was one country where a
train was knocked off of the track and most of the people on it died. Might
have been Sri Lanka. I do know of any kind of warning system that would
have foresaw that.

"Chabon" wrote in message
On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 18:40:15 +0700, "Sandy Cruden"

wrote in message ...
JosephP wrote:
Reading the news headlines the tragedy gets worse and worse as the
go from 4000, 8000 ... 15000 and rising, mostly in Indonesia, India,


Noone has so far talked about Myanmar (Burma). How is the damage there

Seen from the map they must have been hit just as hard as Phuket/Phi



20 reported dead in Myanmar this morning on Thai TV.


Here an article from Irrawadi online:

Tidal Waves Kill Dozen in Southern Burma
By Aye Aye Win/AP Writer/Rangoon
December 27, 2004

Tidal waves induced by a massive earthquake killed about 12 people
when a bridge collapsed on the southern tip of Burma, fishing industry
officials said Monday.
The deaths made Burma the ninth country to be struck by waves sent
thundering across the Bay of Bengal by the most powerful earthquake in
40 years when it hit Sunday off the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra
The deaths occurred Sunday at Kawthaung, opposite the city of Ranong
in southern Thailand, said the officials, who were linked to the
Fishing Trawlers Association and spoke on condition of anonymity.
They said the fate of fishing trawlers out at sea at the time of the
tidal waves was not yet known.
Rigs in the Andman Sea, operated by UNOCAL, Total and Petronas
companies, shut down their natural oil pipelines for about three hours
after the earthquake “for safety reasons but there is no facility
damage to the rigs,” an official from one of the rigs said.
Reports in Burma’s state controlled media made no mention of damage or
casualties from the 9.0-magnitude earthquake, which killed more than
13,300 people along the coastlines of Southeast and South Asia.
State-controlled television reports warned that aftershocks were
likely to follow for three days and warned the public to take
precautionary measures such as not standing under tall buildings.
The military-run regime rarely provides details of natural or man-made
disasters in the country.


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