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Oregon - help!

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Old September 12th, 2003, 09:42 AM
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Default Oregon - help!

(Donna) wrote:
I've been downloading webshots for a few years (webshots.com) and have
recently noticed that most of my nature scenes are from Oregon. It
looks like a beatiful place! Does anyone have any Oregon travel
must-sees for a gal from Alberta?

Jasper-Banff National Park.

Oregon, from the Eastern slopes of the Cascades to the cliffs at the
Pacific is absolutely gorgeous. But the same can be said of Washington
and even California a bit South of the Cascades.

Oregon, Washington, and California beyond the Eastern slopes of the
Cascades is desert, High Desert parts of which, particularly
Washington's Dry Falls, vie for the most desolate in North America.

There are two absolute MUST sees in Oregon and many more should sees.
The musts are Crater Lake that I believe to be the most beautiful
natural sight on Earth, and Oregon Caves. Should sees are the lovely
coast, a children's amusement park called "Enchanted Forest"*, the
Rose City's rose garden, and Mount Hood's Timberline Lodge.

Just across the Bridge of the Gods over the Columbia River is the
Maryhill Museum of Art that's an astounding facility of incredible

*================================================= ===
Date: 09-10-96 (03:32) From: ICONO CLAST To: ALL
Subj: Enchanted Forest, Turner
I cannot tell you how delighted I am with Enchanted Forest (8462
Enchanted Way SouthEast, Turner, Oregon 97393 [503/363-3060]).
It's seven miles South of Salem on the East side of Interstate
Highway 5 accessed by taking Exit Number 248.

SH}Also be sure not to miss the coaster with a cover, the one in
}which it is like riding in a bobsled, through fake ice mountains,
}where the water squirts up on you! (what is the name of it,
}it's on the tip of my tongue....Ice Mountain Bobsled???) That has
}to be one of the most unique coaster ride experiences I have had!!!
}And in a very Cute park!

IC}According to Eric Griswold, it's the Ice Mountain Bobsled at
}Thrillville. Thank you for your advice.

Eric's mistaken. Thrillville is just before Enchanted Forest. Unfor-
tunately, the place had been bought for the day by some private party
so I was unable to go in. But since the Jet Star had been at Santa
Cruz, I knew it. And the rest of the rides I could see were quite
familiar so I'm sure it was no great loss.

I'm sure glad I didn't miss Enchanted Forest for it certainly did
enchant me! My poor hitch-hiker sat at the gate for the two hours
that it took me to run through the place. I could have easily
lingered an hour more even though there are only two rides and a
haunted house and no waiting for anything.

We know that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. Well,
Enchanted Forest is obviously the dreamwork of one focused mind, a
Mr. Toft (or something) who is still around. I regret that, although
I probably passed it in the '70s and '80s, I didn't know about it and
didn't stop there. I'll never again make _that_ mistake!
In the ringmaster's words, it's for children of all ages.

After one enters, there's a "Start Here"-type sign and then a path
that leads from one site to the next through the whole park. And this
park _has_ a theme! It's the tales of our childhood. Alice in Wonder-
land, Pinocchio, Snow White, Jack 'n' Jill and many others, each
presented with humor and charm.
There's an Old West neighborhood with many signs to read, some
of them so delightful that they made me laugh aloud.

I do not normally do haunted houses, but I did this one and am glad I
did. And I do not usually go for log rides but this one was obviously
a home made jobbie so I rode it and got just a bit wet. There are
also two slides, neither great but each just as much fun for an old
guy like me as for the small children who preceded and followed me
down them.
The Ice Mountain Bobsled, judged as a steel-coaster, isn't
much. But, for what it is, it's superb! And so is Enchanted Forest!
It's the best thing of its kind I've ever visited but it's also the
only thing of its kind I've ever visited. I cannot imagine any such
place to be better! Bravo!

Enchanted Forest is truly in a forest. There are no long lines of
sight for the profusion of trees. The trees also keep the noise level
down to an almost hush that only the gleeful cries of children can

Mid-March through September 30:
Ages 3-12: $4.75 Haunted House: $1.00
Ages 13-61: 5.50 Ice Mountain Bobsleds: 1.50
Ages 62+: 4.95 Log Ride: 2.00

The only other money you can spend is for food and souvenirs.

Ice Mountain Bobsleds originally had two tracks. It was all wood. For
some reason, the second track was removed and the wood was replaced
by metal. Too bad. Remnants of the second track are still visible.
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